Best Play - "Tokens" - 1999 
Works In Progress Series - New York University 

Best Script - "Scattered Pictures" - 1994
Public Benefit Corporation $20,000 Film Grant Recipient 

New York University Dean's Leadership Circle - 1996-99

Kellogg Foundation New Playwright Grant Recipient:
"Today I Tried"
Delton Murphy

My Scripts

Make Me Fall - 2013
A Play in Two Acts
Falling out of love can be even more devastating for the husband forced to embrace an identity he does not understand.

Orpheus Queen -2012
A Play in Two Acts
After his wife leaves him on his 40th birthday, a burnt-out singer forms a new band in hopes of winning her back.

More Than Kin - 2011
When a musician falls ill and is unable to perform for a big show, his twin sister dons a disguise, impersonates him and ends up more successful at being her brother than herself. 

The Twits  - 2010
Short Film
Set in Brooklyn, New York in the midst of terror alerts, mistaken identity and culture clashes, a quartet of thirty-something friends learn to love and loathe the imperfect power of social media. 

Help Desk - 2008
Short Film
An unemployed actor takes a day job working tech support at a law firm and struggles to fit into the corporate world.

Scene - 2006
Short Film
Amy is determined to be a successful actress at any cost even if it means losing her sanity in the process.

Tokens  - 1999 (Revised to Pilot 2007)
A One Act Play
Native Detroiters struggling to find their way in New York City quickly learn that they're not in the Motor City anymore.  

Scattered Pictures - 1994 (Updated 2009)
Short Film
Sometimes loves hurts. Sometimes love saves. Sometimes love kills.  A surreal thriller about a socially awkward, sensitive guy with a twisted view of salvation.  

Bedpost Missionary Baptist Church - 1993
A One Act Play
Reverend H.B. Sinnah and Deacon Lye love nothing more than spreading the Lord's Word for a fee. However, the sudden presence of an unwelcome visitor puts their whole operation in jeopardy.

There Must Be A Pony - 1993
A Play in Two Acts
Thrown out of college for attacking a professor, militant medical student Darren Manning spirals down a path of abuse and violence and unfortunately realizes that sometimes lessons in life are learned much too late.
Today I Tried
A Play in Two Acts
A week before the Prom the homecoming queen commits suicide in the school gymnasium.  When the prom committee cancels the prom, emotions and secrets are exposed rocking the school and community. 

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